Home Remodeling in Clio, MI

We deliver only the best.

Services 3 drywall

Drywall Installation

We’ll install and repair drywall, and our process includes sanding and painting to make sure you’re getting a finished product.

Services 1 patio

Patio Installation

If you’re looking to expand your home into the outdoors, we do efficient patio installs with great customer service.

Services 5 kitchenremodel

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you need a rebuild or a quick remodel, our experts will cover your needs.

Services 1 patio

Bathroom Remodeling

If you are looking for new home additions then why not start with the bathroom.

Licensed and Insured with 30 Years of Experience

At Summit Remodeling LLC , we believe in delivering topnotch quality and amazing value at affordable prices.We are a professional and premier home remodeler in Clio, MI. Our goal is to become the best choice for home remodeling available. There should be no contest when you compare our work against the competition.

Customers choose us because we do not cut corners. We do quality work that we take pride in, and give a one year warranty. No matter if it is one of our flooring designs or something else we guarantee quality. Most important, we walk the customer through the process, hand-in-hand, and at the end of the day, we recap what we did and discuss what the plans are for the following day. And we clean before we leave, every day, so that you can continue using your home.

At Summit Remodeling LLC we have over 60 years of combined experience. From our stellar electrical services to our professional home additions. We take pride in what we do and treat you and your home like it’s ours. From total remodels to new builds and everything in between, if you’re tired of NOT getting what you want, please call on us and we give you our word: we will take your vision and bring it to life.





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